I have been fighting with a head cold all week. Every day I thought, as I was sitting on the couch in the morning, “I should’ve just call in sick..” but every day I just went ahead and went to work thinking I can just work a half a day. So I was pretty proud of myself when Friday came along and I had made it the whole week.

This morning I had a girls camp meeting at 8 AM but when my alarm went off,  I said no no no no. This time I’m really not getting out of bed. So I didnt until 8:30 and then took the girls to karate. 

I thought I would just do a couple errands and then go back home and take a nap but I ended up doing errands until dinner time. While the girls were at karate, I ran over to Burlington and found some shorts and a couple shirts for Isaiah. I was looking for pants but he’s so tall and skinny that he’s between sizes. So I opted for shorts.
Once the girls got out of karate, we went to Gordman’s. Gordman’s is closing most of their stores. (All of the stores in our area anyway). So I had to go see how good the sales were. We were not disappointed!! I found clothes for everybody even Trevor. They are pretty tricky with the checkout lines which  wrapped around the store. And you really don’t realize it until you have an arm full of stuff and you’re ready to check out. We stood in the checkout line for an hour.

So that killed a couple hours first thing this morning. Then it was time to pick up Evelyns Friend Jessica. I dropped Jessica and Evelyn off at the Oakview mall while Savannah and I went to buy a birthday present for her friend Hayden. 

Then I mailed Brittany and Carey’s Easter box and took Savannah to her birthday party. On the way home Evelyn called and said she was ready to be picked up from the mall. 

I had subway for breakfast and Freddys for lunch. Not the best dieting day. I stood on my feet all day but not really a lot of walking. I’m being easy on myself however. I don’t feel well but I still got a whole bunch of stuff done.

Tonight we are watching Ferris Bueller’s Day off as a family. I can’t believe that nobody in our family has seen it except me and Daniel. Tonight is also the first session of stake conference. So will go to that too.

I am looking forward to an on eventful Sunday!

Happy Valentines Day

Evelyn, Chance, and I have been running or walking every morning. My legs were killing me last night so I thought we’d go to the gym and swim laps. Oh the naivety! I havent swam since I was thirteen years old and going to Coeur d’ Alene Lake every day. Lake swimming and lap swimming are totally different! Lake swimming is: get wet, lay on the dock, jump back in the water and splash around a bit. Lap swimming is more like, “I’m gonna die before I get to the shallow end.” I thought fat things moved easier in water than on land…

But we survived and went to McDonalds for breakfast. I ate cereal at work. I’m cherishing the calories and not wanting to spend them on grease. You know? 

Valentine’s Day was good. The kids brought candy to their friends and came home with candy and stuffed animals. One good thing about my job is the food. Candy, chocolate, cookies, and chocolate covered strawberries all day. 

❤️❤️❤️ Happy Anniversary Mick and Sandy and happy birthday to my oldest sister, Madelyn. ❤️❤️❤️

Today is the last day of work this week. We have parent/teacher conferences and staff development. So I get Thursday-Sunday off and have an all day class on Monday.

My brother, a truck driver, had dinner with my parents on Monday and sent me this selfie. The last time my parents and brother have been in a picture was either never or 30 years ago. So I’m super happy for this! Don’t they look great?

Across the country, I was having dinner with my kids. So I returned the selfie. (We don’t look as good)

Monday all around

Someone “up there” was seriously messing with me today. Moe calls at 6:15 am out of gas. In my sleepiness, I misunderstood where she was. I thought she was near 180th and Q (about 15 minutes away) when in fact, she was only 5 minutes from my house. So I spent a half hour driving around in early morning snowy traffic. We finally got snow last night and you know how it goes on the roads when it snows for the first time. Idiot parade.

That little experience set the tone for my whole day. About an hour into my day I realize I’m wearing my big clunky shoes that are really only slippers. They’re a size too big too. Daniel thankfully brought me decent footwear. I go into the bathroom and notice that my crotch is split from front to back!!! White underwear under black pants….hard to miss that one. I spent the day walking and sitting VERY carefully lest I break open one of the four safety pins I have holding my pants together.

I forgot deodorant this morning too. The only one we had at school was the one with the bite out of it. (one of the kids eats deodorant) I used it. I have no pride by now.

Lunch was nice….not. I usually go home st lunch but with the snow, I opted to pack a lunch. My family loves “Completes.” To set the record straight, they’re nasty. 

Thank God I brought my toothbrush!

What a day!

Savannahs tournament 

Savannah participated in her first martial arts tournament. She did really well. Here’s a link to a video I took yesterday. Savannah

Here’s one with her sparring Click here   And another with her staff Click here.  She got two second place medals but didn’t place with the staff. She had a great time though. There were a couple people at the tournament who were all about winning only. They were kind of a bummer for the rest of us. 

Savannah with her instructor, Master Lewis. He competed with his sword. It was pretty cool.

And the group picture.  Other than the tournament, this happens sometime at our house.

Moe washing Bowsers paws while he licks a pan clean. We haven’t had much of a winter and the dogs running around outside has torn up the lawn. It’s basically a mud hole in our back yard. We’re going to have to sod it in the spring.

Evelyn and Chance at dinner last week. Savannah and Isaiah had sleepovers so we took advantage of being down a couple kids and took the other two to Texas Roadhouse where we overate of course.

So that’s about it for my catching up. Evelyn is learning to crochet. So maybe the next post I’ll have a scarf to show you.

Cheering for Two

A couple months ago, a friend of ours from church was diagnosed with brain cancer. He started a YouTube channel to share his journey to beat his disease. Click Here Sam is amazing and when you’re watching his videos,he’s so positive that it’s easy to forget he’s fighting cancer. His facebook page is appropriately titled “Cheering for Sam.”

We had planned on going to Sioux Falls this morning to visit Mick and Sandy but Sandy wasn’t feeling well. So we’re going to wait a couple weeks to go visit. In the meantime, I’m working on a blanket for her. Hopefully, it’s done by spring! I only get to work on it on the weekends and nights.

Today, Isaiah has a birthday party at Coco Keys with his friend Justin. He’s over the moon excited. He’s been packed for two days. Isaiah doesn’t get invited to parties and has never had a sleepover so he’s pretty crazy-happy.

Savannah is going to spend the day with her best buddy, Julia like she does every Saturday. Evelyn and Chance had sleepovers last night so I expect after karate, they’ll both take long naps. That frees me up to sneak away for lunch with Daniel. I’m craving Chinese.


I raped the stores of their left-over Christmas decorations. Scoring next year’s decorations at 80-90% off. The one thing I didn’t get were those lights that project onto your house. When they went on sale, they were gone before I got to the store.

I thought I’d finish Ren’s scarf before Christmas break was over and here it is Martin Luther King Day, and I still don’t have it done.  It’s been so long since I did one of these that I struggled with the pattern. I got it though and am almost done. It’s really wide so it’s more of a skinny blanket than a scarf but whatever. The back isn’t as pretty as the front but that’s just the way entrelec knitting looks.

Omaha braced for an icestorm all weekend and it showed up. Everything is covered with a thick sheet of ice. Looking out my bedroom window, I can see our tree frosted over and freezing rain coming down again. I don’t work today as our schools think that instead of teaching kids about the greatest civil right’s leader in American history, Martin Luther King, we should take the day off. Usually, the kids and I go to North Omaha and see the mobile MLK library. This year, we’re not because of the ice. We’ll read his speech together at least.  I’m thinking tomorrow will be a snow day too. I hope so anyway.

My goal was to sleep in today but Daniel thinks he needs to make the bed with me in it when he wakes up. So, 7:30 I’m awake and pissed off. But whatever, he’s going to work and I’m going to make brownies with the kids.

I found this pretty tennis bracelet online and thought it would make a nice birthday gift for my sister Suzanne. I should have bought it at a store! This is what I got in the mail

I held my camera close to my arm so you can kind of see it. From an arm’s length, it looks like a tiny chain. It’s not exactly what I expected or what the picture shows. Talk about magnified in the photo. Right? I wrote a bad review and am returning it. I found her a different kind of sparkle.

Speaking of odd things, I got another calling at church. I still do Visiting Teaching Supervisor, and Relief Society Committee member (neither one takes any real time). I got called as the Girls Camp Director for our ward. Wha??? Me??? I just laughed when they told me. I know nothing about girls camp, never been in the Young Women’s Program. I’m clueless. I’m super excited though! We had a meeting last week and I’m the only leader in the stake who is new. Yikes! Hopefully, they take care of me and look past my green-ness! Evelyn is old enough to go this year. She’s dreading it. I can’t tell her anything from the meeting (we’ll have a kickoff to announce the theme and all the fun stuff) but what I can tell her is NO Cell Phones or electronic devices of any kind. Yikes again!!

It’ll be fun though. Brittany went to camp 4 years I think. She still has good memories. I’m just happy the leaders get cabins and not tents!


After Christmas and Gingerbread 

Chance and I went to Burlington to spend his Christmas money. He found a pair of shoes and a watch. He had buyer’s remorse on the way home because his two purchases took all his money but, I reminded him he needed shoes and they were 25% off. I like that he found good ones that will last.

I found two blouses and a pair of dress pants for $19.

Savannah and I found Christmas stockings for $1 and three rolls of double sided wrapping paper for $4. Walmart had Christmas stuff on clearance for 50% off but I’m thinking it’ll go down to 75% by the end of the week to make way for all the Valentine’s Day crap and then I’ll replace our tree decorations.

The gingerbread display was pretty last night.

I was too busy to get pictures but here’s one that was on the Facebook page.

The Gingerbread display will be at open until the last day in December. It’s free so if you haven’t seen it this year, you should definitely go!

Before the display goes up in November, the bishop will call someone to head up their ward’s gingerbread house with a specific theme for the year. Then, they’ll set up a time for people to come and work on the display. There will be an opportunity for everyone to help decorate from the little kids to the grown ups and then the organizer will get the display to the Trail Center in time for the opening. This is done all over Omaha, Bellevue, and Council Bluffs. 90% of the houses are done by church members and the other 10% are cubscout groups and preschools. Anyone is welcome to display a house really.

Next year, the trail center will be offering free classes to the public on gingerbread making. There was a sign-up book on our volunteer table last night and it was nearly full with names of people who wanted to learn how to work with fondant and make gingerbread houses. So, I’ll bet next year’s display is going to be huge!

Today, I’m going to run to Ren’s house and pick up some yarn to make a scarf for her. She wants this entrelec scarf but in a bulky yarn.

I haven’t knit anything for so long! This is a quick one though and I should be able to knock it out before we go back to work in January.