You don’t believe it until you do

Poor Savannah has been sick for about a month now. It’s non-specific. She gets dizzy and lightheaded and feels like she’s going to throw up and then it passes. Plus she’s gained about 30 pounds in the past month and naps for hours every day. The doctor ran every test imaginable including thyroid (what we really thought it was) and everything has come back normal.

The only thing he hasn’t done is a brain scan to check for a tumor. But since she doesn’t have migraines or seizures it’s really doubtful that she has a tumor.

At work the other day one of my customers said her daughter had something similar and they took her off gluten and she got better. My doctors not convinced it’s gluten but we don’t know what else to try. So far the past week we’ve been feeding her only gluten free food. I understand that to see any results could be four weeks or not at all. We’ll give it a month and if she doesn’t get better will do a cat scan. (i’m not too worried about it but it does suck to see her sick)

The Fourth of July was fun. We went to Moe’s sisters boyfriends house in Valley Nebraska. They have some acreage. So we had a campfire and a bunch of fireworks. We had a great time. It was low-key but fun

I saw my friend Kathie last week. I really don’t get to see friends since I’m working 40 hours a week but I had a day off and she’s buying a house so I wanted to see it. Her house is adorable. It’s a two bedroom and her backyard is three times the size of ours. She closes the end of August I believe. We went to lunch at Lombardo’s after we toured  the house. 

Her son is a chef there. So, I got to meet him. The food was delicious. Savannah had this huge chicken sandwich and I had fettuccine.

Daniel and I were going to have a date night tonight and go there for dinner but we ended up buying a grill and inviting Moes family over for dinner. Here’s the little grill I bought 

Moe’s dad has been in town for the week. He’s staying for the Queen concert on Saturday and then he’ll leave Sunday. I’ll post pictures of everyone at the concert. Evelyn is so excited!


Good humans and good times

When I thought about working at Walmart, I thought I’d see a lot of crabby people and I thought I’d be frustrated most every day. But, I thought, it’s just for the summer so I can deal with it.

I did not expect to see so much kindness and best parts of people! The other day I had a man with (tattoo) sleeves on both arms and up his neck. A real rough guy. He was buying toys and candy and junk food. I teased him about being “Superdad.” He said he hasn’t been allowed to see his kids for 6 years. I asked about the toys and he said he was giving them to a friend of his at work who had kids and needed a pick-me-up. Talk about an awakening for me!

Another woman came in with a $50 Walmart gift card that her mom had given her. She added another $50 on it and said she was giving it to a friend who was going through tough times.

Both of those were in the same week and this happens all the time. Other people buy ridiculous things to make people smile. Like the day care worker who (with her own money) bought 10 fly swatters, smores kits, and 10 plungers to keep the kids busy during a rainy weekend.

There are good people literally everywhere. Good people who do good things and think no one is watching.

Speaking of good things…..I made these Hawaiian sliders last night. A customer told me about them and then I found the recipe on Pinterest  . I tweaked it a little and they’re delicious. It’s basically ham and provolone cheese sandwiches with a mustard/pineapple sauce over the top. (Google Hawaiian Sliders or click on my Pinterest link for the recipe)

I got Daniel tickets to Jim Gaffigan’s Noble Ape Tour for Father’s Day. He’s one of Daniel’s favorite comedians and I can’t wait til he finds out cuz he’s going to be so excited. He usually gets some lame tie or t-shirt. The show isn’t until the end of next month but he’s coming to Lincoln so we don’t have to go far. At least not as far as we’re going for Savannah to see Justin Bieber. We added a little show to our itinerary for August. The night we get to Denver, we’re going to a 311 concert in the park. It sounds like the Saturday night concerts here in town. You can bring in blankets, chairs, and coolers and sit and watch the concert. We’ll be tired from driving so, this will be a fun way to end the night. (if weather and traffic is going our way)

I don’t know what we’ll do the next day before Bieber. I think Brittany is going to meet us there so she might have a couple things she’ll want to do too. If all else fails, our hotel has a pool.

Okay, that’s it for now!

Girls Camp

Well, I survived Girls Camp. Girls camp is when we take all of the church girls ages 12-17 camping. It’s for all of the wards in our area.  We had about 150 girls. It’s a tradition so you’re separated into “years.” Evelyn is a “first year” so she’ll go with all the first year girls and the second year girls go with the second years and so on.

Here’s Evelyn, me, and my Young Women President, Cheri at breakfast. It’s a no make up kind of thing.  So, we looked kind of woodsy. Well, I had a little mascara (I’m not that outdoorsy)

We were very fortunate that there was an air conditioned lodge to eat meals in and come to cool off if you get too hot.

This bridge was over the creek that saved my tired feet. The hardest part of working at Girls Camp is how tired your feet are and how sweaty and hot you get being outside most of the day. There’s an activity called “creek walking” that the girls could sign up for and I took advantage of helping in that area every chance I got. Basically, you take off your socks and shoes (no flip flops or sandals at camp) and walk in the creek. I was grossed out at first because the water wasn’t clear but walking in that cool water, in the shade, on the soft mud was like spa time.

I’d come out of the creek feeling a hundred percent better. Once I even snuck to my tent and took an hour nap and then walked in the creek by myself ( you gotta do what you gotta do)

Most of the meals are made by the camp cooks  (who kept us well fed) but the first night we had to make our own. We did tin foil meals like the boy scouts do. They weren’t that good but we were hungry so we scarfed them down. After camp, I learned that Taco Bell is 3.5 miles away. Next year, our “make your own meal” night will be Taco Bell. We have no reason to rival the boys. Making a camp fire is so over rated.

This is another picture of the after creek walk. The girls are letting their feet dry off before putting on their shoes. They YCL’s (Youth Camp Leaders–basically girls who have come to camp more than 4 years) did a Spiritual Hike with all the girls. They blindfolded the girls and walked them down a path and over this bridge. At the beginning of the path, they gave them a bag of sand. All along the way they’d meet women figures in the Bible (like Ruth, etc.) and share a quick synopsis of her challenge. With every challenge, another scoop of sand would be added to the bag. The girls had to walk with their hands out (we guided them where to walk since they were blindfolded) by the end of the walk, their bags were very heavy with sand aka…challenges

At the end of the walk, they’d take off the blindfold and see a large picture of the Savior under twinkly lights and candles that were set up. The girls each laid their bags of sand by the picture of Jesus. The idea being, to lay your burdens at his feet because his burden is light. It was a beautiful walk. The girls loved it and the message was wonderful.

All in all, camp was good. I’d do it again next year.  Next year, it’ll be Evelyn AND Savannah. So, I’ll probably really want to go


We worked out the kinks and now we are homemade ice cream makers in our house. It’s probably not a good thing since it’s so fatty and loaded with sugar but it sure tastes awesome. We’ve made vanilla, strawberry, root beer, and banana. Root beer is my favorite so far. 

Only four more days of school. I am really looking forward to the summer break. I took tomorrow off work because they’re doing an all day fishing trip.  I’m so out on an all day fishing trip with all the special needs kids in Millard. Noooo thank you. I don’t even like being outside in the humidity let alone having to handle live fish and pee in an outhouse.

We had a cook out this week for the seniors who will be leaving us this year. The weather was actually pretty nice but with the humidity, within an hour your clothes are sticking to you and your hair is all tangled and looking like crap.  I could quite happily spend my summer indoors. My plan to turn into a hermit cat lady is working out great. 



Savannah and a few girls from class at their bowling field trip this morning.

I got up thinking I really didn’t want to go to work and, for no reason I could think of, I shouldn’t go to work. I did go of course….. I shouldn’t have.  Sometimes I should just listen to that inspiration.

On the way to drop Evelyn and Chance off at school, Chance realized he forgot his backpack at home. I turn around to go get it as Daniel texts me that Isaiah’s field day is today and he needs a sack lunch. Evelyn is staying the night at a friend’s house tonight was and being picked up by her friend’s mom after school. Carrying her clothes and makeup bag into the school would be the death of her social life. (OMG what if someone saw me?) By the time I got Chance’s backpack, Isaiah’s lunch, and Evelyn’s makeup bag to her friend’s mom’s workplace, I was an hour late to work.

I thought I’d run home on my lunch break and as I’m sitting at my kitchen table, my boss calls me and says I need to get back to school quickly because Isaiah is running around our football field out of control and no one can catch him. The reason he was at our football field is because his class took their “field day” at our school.

I high-tail it back to school to witness Isaiah’s fake crying surrounded by Officer Caniglia (our officer at school), Isaiah’s teacher (who is also my principal’s husband…ugh), Isaiah’s principal, and two paras. I kinda lost my mind and yelled at him in front of everyone. I would’ve probably beat his butt right there but the officer grunted at me when I threatened that.

I should have called in “sick” and went to Isaiah’s field day. He wouldn’t try that garbage with mom around. So, much for pleading my case against moving Isaiah to a level three school. The district is trying to outsource his education next year to a school that deals with really bad kids. Long story short…I’m fighting it. I’m confident it’ll all work out in the end. It’s just difficult right now.

My birthday was nice. Daniel got me an ice cream maker that is proving to be a huge pain in the butt because we can’t figure out how to put the lid on it correctly and attach the motor. After struggling for a half hour and watching our ice melt, we gave up. I think we need a YouTube video.

I got a job for the summer. I dragged my feet long so long that I wasn’t sure I would find anything before summer. I applied for summer school para and Walmart a few days ago. Walmart called me today and after a 5 minute phone interview and a 10 minute face-to-face interview, they hired me as a cashier. So, I start there next week. I’ve never worked retail. Hopefully, It’ll be good.


Happy Sunday!

Savannah had a field trip last week. She went to Platte River State Park with the rest of the 5th graders. She caught this bass. Her teacher caught one that was almost as tall as Savannah. They took a picture and I’ll post it if I remember. I’m so bad about blogging lately.

I took a funny picture of Evelyn last week. This was at Scheels in the sporting goods department. We were waiting for our appointment at the Apple Store across the street. Evelyn had locked her phone so badly that we needed an expert to fix it. 

We are down the homeward stretch until summer break and I’m still dragging my feet getting anything planned for summer employment. 

The prom for our special needs kids was last night. I went for a little while and took Isaiah and Evelyn with me. Isaiah did some dancing. Click here.   The video is kinda dark but you can see Isaiah. That boy can crash a party


I have been fighting with a head cold all week. Every day I thought, as I was sitting on the couch in the morning, “I should’ve just call in sick..” but every day I just went ahead and went to work thinking I can just work a half a day. So I was pretty proud of myself when Friday came along and I had made it the whole week.
This morning I had a girls camp meeting at 8 AM but when my alarm went off, I said no no no no. This time I’m really not getting out of bed. So I didnt until 8:30 and then took the girls to karate. 
I thought I would just do a couple errands and then go back home and take a nap but I ended up doing errands until dinner time. While the girls were at karate, I ran over to Burlington and found some shorts and a couple shirts for Isaiah. I was looking for pants but he’s so tall and skinny that he’s between sizes. So I opted for shorts.

Once the girls got out of karate, we went to Gordman’s. Gordman’s is closing most of their stores. (All of the stores in our area anyway). So I had to go see how good the sales were. We were not disappointed!! I found clothes for everybody even Trevor. They are pretty tricky with the checkout lines which wrapped around the store. And you really don’t realize it until you have an arm full of stuff and you’re ready to check out. We stood in the checkout line for an hour.
So that killed a couple hours first thing this morning. Then it was time to pick up Evelyns Friend Jessica. I dropped Jessica and Evelyn off at the Oakview mall while Savannah and I went to buy a birthday present for her friend Hayden. 
Then I mailed Brittany and Carey’s Easter box and took Savannah to her birthday party. On the way home Evelyn called and said she was ready to be picked up from the mall. 
I had subway for breakfast and Freddys for lunch. Not the best dieting day. I stood on my feet all day but not really a lot of walking. I’m being easy on myself however. I don’t feel well but I still got a whole bunch of stuff done.
Tonight we are watching Ferris Bueller’s Day off as a family. I can’t believe that nobody in our family has seen it except me and Daniel. Tonight is also the first session of stake conference. So will go to that too.

I am looking forward to an uneventful Sunday!