Just a quick picture

Chance and I at a free concert at Stinson Park last night. They do concerts there every Saturday but we’ve never gone before. Aside from the cold, it was a lot of fun. We’ll be more prepared next time and have better coats and blankets. Savannah was a kick. We’re getting ready to go and we’re like…where is Savannah. I look at the band and there she is…on stage with a tamborine in her hand! That girl!




I set an intention yesterday morning to only see beauty and the goodness in the world for one day. What a day I had! It’s almost overwhelming to realize how magestic our world is when you pause to think about it. My neighbor who died of cancer used to say the same thing. She said that once she woke up to the world around her, she was so much happier.

Savannah and I had extra time before school so we went to Hyvee to get a donut. The bakery display case was beautiful! Some people really have a talent for creating gorgeous desserts. There were plump donuts gleaming with frosting and sprinkles and chocolate. Huge cookies decorated as cats, colorful butterflies, hearts, and ladybugs perched on leaves. We saw eclairs too pretty to eat and single serve birthday cakes.

I had the easiest Friday. We went to the zoo and the group I had was 4 adults and 6 kids. I only went because the two kids we took from our class need one-on-one attention. They didn’t even need that today. It couldn’t have went better even though we had sprinkles of rain here and there. I really wish I could post pictures of the kids because I got a great one of Zaynab looking at jellyfish.

The boys went camping last night so I told Daniel to be sure and take pictures. Those four together is pretty rare. This is the picture I got! Gee, thanks guys. What a family memory!

Later on, I got this one and couple more. Much better! Since the boys were gone,  us girls decided to go out to dinner. We couldn’t agree on where to go eat. So, we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant. The only problem is, it was 2 1/2 hours away in Sioux Falls. Not a problem! We went anyway. Lucky for us, Sandy and Mick hadn’t had dinner yet. So they joined us and we had a great time.

Friday was awesome!

A happy birthday


The kids having dinner outside. This was one of the few nights I have to cook. Daniel wasn’t happy with my choice of dinner either. I made pasta with shrimp. He’s not fond of food that isn’t covered in grease or gravy

Aside from a couple days of picnic weather we’ve had crazy storms at night. I swear, the whole city woke up at 3:30 this morning because of the hail storm. It was weird. I literally woke up standing in the livingroom with everyone else in the family. It was like an alien invasion. We’re standing there like…why are we standing in the livingroom? It took a couple seconds to wake up enough to realize the storm had gotten us out of bed.

I had a nice birthday today. Daniel surprised me with this pretty cake. We had cookies at work, and lots of happy birthday wishes via facebook, email, and text messages. I feel loved!

Mother’s Day was good and terrible. Terrible because I taught in church and you know how much I stress myself out over that. The good was that I had the manual all marked up with pages of what all I would talk about. I had extra material that I gathered online and from conference talks. I learned a lot from preparing this lesson. The lesson was about sharing what we believe in a Christlike way. It was about love and respect for other people’s beliefs around the world.

I talked for maybe 10 minutes and then asked a question and that started a huge discussion that lasted the whole hour! I didn’t get to even a fraction of the stuff I had prepared. They say when you teach you learn more than the student. True that. So, my next lesson is June 13th. It’s called “the scriptures-The most profitable of all study.” I’ll admit, I suck at studying the scriptures. I read them but I don’t feast on the scriptures and I don’t study them. I’m trying to change that before I teach so I don’t have to do the “do as I say, not as I do” lesson! My sister is a theology freak (sorry, but you are) and she’s been helpful in kickstarting me.  I’ve found some great resources online and am off to a good start.

We have like 8 more days of school left. I’m going to miss our kids so much and I can’t even say how much I’m going to miss the teacher. I’ll either call in sick on the last day of school, or cry the whole day. I hate endings. A part of me is excited of course. So far I don’t have a summer job so I might be free every day to hang out with the kids and do art. ART. Yay!!!! Im way behind in my “Inspiration Wednesday” classes and even have a bunch of “Lifebook 2015” classes to do.

A super thoughtful gift from Moe

Heart monitors and temple time

The top number was Savannah’s heart rate Tuesday after the hospital visit and the middle number is oxygen saturation. Sleeping was a little rough that night as she was tired but her heart rate going that fast…not happening…

We went to see her pediatrician who said the hospital did great and he agreed with all her new meds. He disagreed with seeing a lung specialist but said he’d rather her get a maintenance plan from an allergist. That makes sense. So, we go see him later in the month.

So, now it’s Saturday night and she’s settled into all her maintenance drugs and is doing so much better. She still has used her rescue puffer every day but only had to once today.  Hopefully, that will be a thing of the past instead of a regular thing.

I took a couple hours off from working on my lesson for tomorrow to go to the temple this afternoon. What a great way to slow down and refocus on what really matters!  I really need to go every week instead of every couple months. Life would certainly go better if I committed to scheduled “me” time! Such clarity comes from inside the temple walls. I wish I could explain it better.

Asthma crap..when does it end?

Our field trip was to Fontenelle Forest. We walked in the forest on a 70 degree spring day with a light breeze and chirping birds. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. 

Savannah had a crappy day. I wasn’t back at the school ten minutes before the nurse called me and said she was having a hard time breathing and the treatment she did wasn’t helping. Clay picked her up so she could do another treatment. I hate the school’s stupid rule of only one treatment every 4 hours. 

So we went back to Children’s Hospital, our home away from home. This time she got in before anyone else in the packed waiting room (yikes) and the respitory therapist didn’t leave our room (two signs that we’ll be at the hospital a long time)

The doctor gave her a steroid, two treatments, and hooked us up with a lung specialist….we’re planning on hanging here for the next 5 hours or so….

Knotted hair…Knotted Stomach

Daniel went with Isaiah to his therapy session on Sunday. I’m not sure what game they were playing but it looks like they had fun.

I started feeling sick on Friday and was still queezy by Sunday so I appreciated Daniel taking him.

I’m trying to learn different ways to do Evelyn’s hair. This sad thing is the best one!

I still wasn’t feeling 100% today so I took the day off. Trevor came over for lunch and gave Daisy a snuggle. She thinks she’s a small lap dog.

I got the DVD player working (it hasn’t worked since Daniel bought it a year ago) and then watched two scary movies (1408 and The Others) and napped until time to pick the kids up. I absolutely have to be well enough to go to work tomorrow. I have to take three of our kids on a field trip. 


The talent show auditions at the kids’s school were last night. Savannah sang a duet with her friend Tavisha at 5:00. She did great. They both did. Isaiah’s audition was at 7 so we killed two hours in Millard by going to the grocery store and then fast food for dinner. I hate doing that but we didn’t have time to grocery shop, talent show, and also drive a half hour home to make dinner.

Isaiah danced to Bruno Mars’ Happy. I have to say, he rocked it! That little guy has some moooooves! I think the talent show is in two or three weeks.

Today is our field day for the special needs kids in the district. It’s put on by an alternative high school. It’s going to rain all day so we’ll probably be inside a gym. Thank God for Fridays. I’m gonna be tired tonight.