Pool pool and master of horror 

The kids and I spent Monday at Splash Station in Fremont. I like Solash Station because it’s cheap ($26 for me and the kids), clean, lots of shade if you want it, and there’s 10 lifeguards that rotate through the pools all day.

I don’t get into the pool much. I prefer hanging out in the lawn chair reading a book. We save money here by packing a cooler with lunch, water bottles, and snacks. You can’t bring food into the pool but they let you come and go to your car as much as you want.

Last night Steven King was in town promoting his book and talking about writing and being Steven King. I had so much fun! He talked for an hour and a half and I was mesmerized. He’s a master story teller even when he’s just “shooting the breeze.” He was supposed to read an excerpt from his book but never got to it and I’m sure no one cared.

With the $40 to get in to see him you also get a copy of his book, “end of watch.”I can’t read it yet because it’s third in the series and I haven’t read the other two. Grrrr!

I’m learning about how to maintain a pool. It’s a huge pain in the a$$ but after you get into figuring out how to maintain the SOB and buy the effing chemicals it becomes a game to see if you can keep the chlorine, alkaline, and ph balanced.  If your pool is less than 10,000 gallons It takes a lot of reading and searching the Internet to figure out the chemical balance. No one wants to tell you how to maintain a kiddie pool (1600 gallons of water.)

I think I got it figured out. I tested the water this morning and my chlorine was a little high but not dangerous. I’m thinking with the sun beating on it, it’ll lower itself today.


The firethrower and the board breaker

So, we’re three weeks away from moving again. I paid the deposit on the house yesterday so we’re good to go July 1st. I can’t believe after all of the purging we did last year to move, I have to do it again! How do things multiply anyway? I got rid of the church pew, 2 wooden pallets, and a headboard and footboard using Craigslist. That was helpful. I still have the black loveseat to get rid of. I’m thinking that will have to be taken to the dump. The dogs have completely destroyed it burying their bones and toys in it.

Daniel and I went to Jazz for dinner last night. This comedian/fire juggler was downtown doing his act during the art festival. (I can’t believe this is the only picture I took)

This explains the fire I saw while meditating Thursday night. Thank God that’s all it was. I checked all over the house for fire hazards anway.


Savannah tested and earned her green belt today. Her form is getting so much better. Now that she’s green, she goes to practice twice a week instead of once.

This is her new uniform. We just got it today before class so there isn’t any insignia on it yet. 

And the traditional breaking of the board with a side kick this time. I put it on YouTube: Savannah green belt

While daughter number three was earning her green belt, daughter number one was kicking butt on her first triathlon. Yay!!!!


Spray paint and Scriptures

I think we’re going to rent that house we looked at. We don’t give him the deposit until Thursday so, it could still go south. So IF we get the house….

Our dining room table wont fit into our new kitchen. Yesterday, I was on the hunt for a new one. I found one for $15.  It’s rough! Daniel would have killed me right there for buying this heap.

But I bought some high-gloss paint. Chance sanded the crap out of it and then we painted it (along with the chairs) Yeah…Daniel now has a good reason to kill me. I painted our only kitchen chairs black. Yes…that is black spray paint. OMGOSH She didn’t. Yup. She did

But who cares? Right? Those chairs were out of style and I found out….spray paint is fun!! Never did that before. I see why kids vandalize stuff with it.

At least now the chairs have some character. I need to make white or (maybe red?) cushions. What I really want to do is get out a white sharpie and doodle the crap out of the top. I wont… Poor Daniel would have a heart attack. Now as soon as I write that, that’s exactly what I really want to do…

I don’t get to teach my lesson this week because I’m “needed more in primary.” I’m really bummed because although it’s a super scary calling, I really thought I could grow from it. I don’t even prepare for teaching three year olds. No need. No challenge. I show up, read the manual with my super excited face I only give to little ones, bribe them with goldfish crackers to stay seated.. tell them how much I love Jesus….the usual stuff I’ve been doing for the past 20 years..and then go home unfullfilled…(sorry…my bad feelings are creeping in)

On the good side: with the pressure off, I can still study the lessons as if to teach them. I just don’t have to go through the irritable bowel syndrome Sunday morning! I pulled out a study guide called “Walking with the women of the New Testament.” It’s a good basic guide and gives you some direction. It doesn’t give you pages and pages of blank paper like I would like. I find myself writing teeny notes because I have a bunch to say but, it’ll work for now.

I came across an interesting thought. I hadn’t ever thought about it but perhaps Jesus’s mother Mary was a widow. It seems logical since Joseph wasn’t mentioned after the Passover when Jesus was 12. I read an article by Susan Winters that explores that idea and also talks about siblings of Jesus. She brings up that Jesus gave the care of his mother over to a disciple during the cruxifiction. Something there would be no need for had he had a father alive. Anyway, I had a good study today…stuff to ponder is always good.

The kids have left me with a quiet house all afternoon. I’m digging the pool and trampoline! I spent $5 on sidewalk chalk and pool toys today. I can be kinda smart sometimes.


Happy Birthday Chance!


Daniel and I were watching the “Bethelemy/Bey” fight last night. Bethelemy, I read this morning, is an undefeated Cuban light weight boxer. Undefeated! It was a pathetic boxing match. Neither guy looked like he knew what he was doing. When I woke up this morning, I heard on facebook that Muhammad Ali died. He would have died of shame for his profession if he’d have seen the B/B fight last night.


Happy Birthday to Chance! I was looking at pictures yesterday. It’s amazing how the girls and Isaiah change every year, yet aside from baby pictures, Chance stays the same. This photo is three years old. He may be one of those remarkable people who just don’t age. My own little Dick Clark.

We went to Amazing Pizza Machine to celebrate his day.

The best part of the day? Having your big brother come too. Chance is always happy doing stuff with Trevor.

These pictures turned out so grainy. Probably because there was a plexiglass wall between me and the kids. This is Savannah.

Daniel and I are going to go look at another house  in Millard tonight. It’s a 3 bedroom but I think it has a basement with an egress window that we could maybe use as a bedroom. We shall see.

Bieber Fever

I love this idea so much. Amazon.com bought this hotel in Seattle.

 They’re going to tear the building down and rebuild to suit their needs but before they get ready to do that, they donated the hotel temporarily to a homeless shelter to use for homeless families. Mary’s place. Anyone can donate to Mary’s Place. I just love the way Marys Place is using it to help families.

Justin Bieber is playing in Lincoln in a couple weeks. Savannah has been a Bieber fan since she was 5 and she’d love to go. So, we tried all day long to get “qualified” to win tickets. They played a Bieber song every hour and if you’re the 9th caller, your name goes into a pot and the morning show draws the winner tomorrow. So we tethered ourselves to the radio all day. We cleaned the kitchen, played a bunch of yahtzee, read our scriptures, searched houses on NPDodge (in case we win the lottery), sent a bunch of SnapChats,

Sharpened lots of pencils, and planned some Christmas gift ideas.

I did escape for an hour to run to Sams and get a couple tires put on my car but Savannah sat by the radio and texted me when it was time to call. One time while we were dialing, we heard my sister’s voice on the radio and the next hour, I got qualified too. So, we’ll see what happens tomorrow during the morning show! Savannah is super excited!



Quiet time

I love how the days all mash together during the summer. Monday isn’t different from Thursday. I hate Thursdays during the school year. On Monday, you’ve just had two days off so it feels like a fresh start. Tuesday is good because I know that Wednesday we only work a half a day. Friday is awesome because we made it through the week and we’ll get two days off. But Thursday. Oh, I hate Thursday. It feels twice as long as it should.

I’ve been taking advantage of quiet time in the morning before everyone wakes up to study the scriptures in peace. I came across a passage in second Nephi in the Book of Mormon that says,

“Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ. Wherefore, I said unto you, feast upon the words of Christ; for behold the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do.”

I am so grateful that God communicates with us through scripture and tells us to “feast” on His words. Being an eater, I can totally relate to feasting. I appreciate the promise that within the scriptures are the answers to every problem we have and all we have to do is ask and then study it out.


The word cloud.  They’d make a good gift if you printed it out. I got mine here: Word cloud. All you do is put a piece of text in the generator and it makes your words into a design.

I stopped by Ren’s house yesterday and she gave me this beautiful blanket for Isaiah. Isn’t this fantastic? The green glows in the dark and Isaiah loves it


We went to a party on Memorial Day at our bishop’s house. We got rained out but the food was good

Evelyn and her friend, Sydney at the party.

I quit my job yesterday and went back to being a substitute. That felt good! It was a little awkward running into the principal and vice principal in Human Resources but it turned out okay

I binged watched the last 5 episodes of Scandal (Oh. My. Gosh!!) and Greys Anatomy (meh) that I’d missed last month. I’m finishing Grace and Frankie on Netflix today and then, I need to find a new show to watch. Suggestion?

Meet the Candy Bomber/Memorial Day

Trevor and Moe joined us at the cheap theater Saturday to see Batman vs Superman. This is the first superhero movie I’ve ever seen. So, I didn’t quite get it. It was okay for being nearly a three-hour movie. Yikes! The last three hour movie I saw was Dances with Wolves. Dances with Wolves was better. I thought Superman and Batman were friends? Anyway, now I guess I gotta see the other Batman and Superman movies. We kept the night out cheap by loading our purses with snacks from the dollar store. Trevor’s favorite snack is pickles so he was delighted when I pulled a jar of pickles out of my purse.

After church, the kids and I fed the ducks at Benson park. We have such a beautiful park right down the street from us. One side is a splash park, another is a place to grill with picnic tables, and another is a duck pond.

Isn’t this park spectacular? This is the 73rd (ish) and Ames side

Since it was Sunday, we stayed on the peaceful duck feeding side. The rest of the park was crammed with families barbecuing. Those baby ducks are so tiny.

Memorial Day weekend is also Loessfest across the river in Council Bluffs (Council-tucky to Omahans) Tonight Kool & The Gang were playing a free concert so we went to that. We’ll probably go back tomorrow for the other festivities. It lasts all week. Parking wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It’s nice only being 15 minutes away from everything.

Chance being a goof.

Lots of people! See that open area to the right? That area stayed clear for people to throw footballs and frisbees. Kinda cool

A guy dancing with a hula hoop…Whatever floats your boat

Today was Chance’s last day in Primary. Next week he’ll turn twelve and get the Aaronic Priesthood. Then he moves to the “Young Men” program. I can’t even believe he’s that old already. He gets to pass the Sacrament (communion) next week.  Speaking of church, You gotta see “Meet the Mormons.” It’s a film the church put out to dispel myths about members of our church. (you know…like we don’t celebrate holidays, we have multiple wives, we don’t believe in Jesus…)

To be honest, I didn’t see it when it toured the country because It looked boring to me. Our church films aren’t known for being exciting… Remember Johnny Lingo (ugh–sorry…I brought that up!) Anyway, one of the members profiled in this movie is the “candy bomber” Gail Halvorsen. I double dare you to watch his segment and not tear up. What an amazing guy who risked his military career for a bunch of children. Click here: Meet the Mormons. There’s actually six profiles in the movie. They’re really fascinating people.

It’s about midnight and the family just went to bed after a very loud game of “Apples to Apples.” So, I’m off too. Ciao