Moving and moving and done moving

We brought stuff to the new house all week and by the time it was “moving day Friday” I was beat. So I wasn’t much help bending over to lift stuff. People from our ward helped load us and I was so grateful that one of the helpers came with a truck. Good thing too because I messed up with the truck reservation and Uhaul ended up giving us a 17 foot truck instead of a 26 foot.

Men from our new ward unloaded into the garage. (With the exception of the piano and beds which went into the house) So for the past two days we’ve been working on clearing out the garage.

It’s finally empty. Hallelujah!  

 It feels like we moved to a different city. It’s weird spending a year in North Omaha and moving back to where everything is landscaped and manicured.

Here’s the kitchen before all our stuff is moved in. Look at those drawers and cupboards! (I had one drawer in the old house and all the cupboards were too high) there’s eight outlets in the kitchen and that kitchen window opens and looks over a gigantic fenced in yard.

A rare moment when the kids all worked together mounting the TV.

Daniel and I went to Thai Kitchen for dinner. I love that place. This is their sweet and sour chicken. It’s awesome.

So life is good. We still don’t have Internet or cable hooked up. So I’m out of the loop with the social media world but I’ve gotten a lot done being offline.


당수도 and Just Serve

Savannah got some extra coaching at Tang Soo Do last night. Master Lewis gave her some one-on-one staff training. She got an hour with him. I got to watch. Weapons training in Tang Soo Do usually starts at red belt but Omaha teaches them at green which is great when they go to compete. It just gives them and edge. Master Lewis is an amazing man. I could talk to him all day.

I spent half of the day at the homeless shelter by myself sorting clothes while listening to my new audio book, “All the light we cannot see.” and being in my own zone. The book sucks so far. I’m only a few chapters in but so far, I don’t like it at all. I’ll give it another day though. My Steven King book (Mr. Mercedes) got better. I found the homeless shelter store through Just Serve website. It’s great. You just punch in your zip code and it has a list of all sorts of volunteering needs in your own community. I picked the shelter because I can come and go as I want. Some days I work two hours, some days 4. Some days only an hour and always by myself (well, when I don’t bring the kids)

Daniel brought home about 40 boxes so I suppose I should start filling them. I really don’t want to. I wish I had a ton of money to throw at a moving company. They could just come in and pack us and move us across town and unpack too. I haven’t packed a single thing and we leave in one week. I’m going with the “stress-packing” in about six days!

Okay, that’s it for me for tonight

Musing on moving

I was hoping we’d get rain. We don’t have a sprinkler so the grass was getting brown.(haven’t gotten around to buying one.) We finally got some on Friday. It messed up the chlorine in the pool and sent the PH way up. We need a pool cover! Instead of correcting it, I think I’m going to drain it, clean it out, and pack it up. Moving day is ten days away!!

I can’t wait to move. Cannot wait. Moving here was a huge change. This side of town might as well be a separate city from the west side. I’m glad we made the move but it’s time to go home. Over the past year, we’ve met some interesting people, some humble people, some refugee people, some weird people, some awesome people, and some terrible people.

Trevor, Moe, and a couple roommates will be moving into the house we’re vacating. I’m super happy for him. This place is perfect for 4 people. Plus, we can leave the basement furniture as-is. We don’t have two living rooms in the new place. We’re using the basement as a bedroom.

The kids haven’t seen the house and no one cares except Chance. He’s all freaked out about moving. (of course) Poor kid does not do well with change.

Savannah’s karate class.

Miss Savannah had Tang Soo Do Saturday and then she spent the day with her best bud Julia. They went to CocoKeys water resort and then Fremont. Julia’s family is pretty much Savannah’s second family. She’s is an only child and Savannah loves going there. Their house is a different household than ours. Quieter for sure.


I erased my computer and lost all my websites so I’m not sure if Brittany has blogged about her cakes yet. So, I will anyway. She made these for her niece and nephew. Kinda cool. Huh?

Tomorrow we’re going back to the homeless shelter to hang up clothes, then we’re helping a family at church load their UHaul so they can move Tuesday, Savannah has karate, and we need to drain the pool. It’s going to be another busy day

A night at King’s and TV

I don’t know who painted this but I love it!

I met an amazing woman today. She gardens and cans so she can help feed everyone in her trailer court although she lives on $400 a month. I had an opportunity today to help her help her friends and I left her house stunned at her goodness.

Tonight, we’re hanging out at home watching TV. Daniel found a show called, “What would you do?” It’s a hidden camera type show where the actors do horrible things and see how people around them react. Like, the man with down syndrome being bullied, a pharmacist who announces peoples medical issues over an intercom, and a woman shaming her overweight daughter in a donut store. It’s crazy watching how people stand up for strangers. Watching it was stressful!

Isaiah has watched all three “Problem Child” movies this week. We’re not surprised that’s his favorite show. Right?

Savannah spent the day with Julia. They did some work at Julia’s church and, last time I heard, they’re watching “Big Hero Six.”

The house is so quiet lately. The kids spend all day outside in that pool. They come in long enough to get a fresh towel (yes they’re fresh now!) , track in some water, and eat.

Towels and Clothes

I don’t know what the deal is with our towels but even after I wash them they still have a musty smell to them. I don’t know if they’re getting too wet after showers and not drying fast enough or if I haven’t gotten them in the dryer quick enough after washing them.  I thought about throwing every one of them away and buying new, but towels aren’t cheap! Here I’m going to sound like a laundry soap commercial. I took all the good towels and sent them through a deep wash cycle with no detergent, only baking soda and then washed them with a load of vinegar and a third time with laundry soap. They smell so much better! Not only do they smell good, but they’re fluffy again. Problem solved.

We went to Timberlake Outreach Center this morning. They partner with the homeless shelter. We took clothes, that other volunteers hung up,  and put them on racks in the store. The store is where homeless and nearly homeless people can come and get clothes and food for free.  150 families go through the Outreach Center every day. Isn’t that sad? I didn’t know we had so many homeless and needy people in town. We had a great time helping today though.

I started reading. Mr. Mercedes. I know…not a very diligent Steven King fan if I’m THAT far behind. The book was written two years ago! I gotta tell ya’, so far, it’s one of my top five favorites that he’s written.

I don’t know what I’m going to do come August when I have to go back to real life and  real job.

Check out my friend, Chrissy’s, body sprays on TeePee girl. Another Christmas gift idea!


Pool pool and master of horror 

The kids and I spent Monday at Splash Station in Fremont. I like Solash Station because it’s cheap ($26 for me and the kids), clean, lots of shade if you want it, and there’s 10 lifeguards that rotate through the pools all day.

I don’t get into the pool much. I prefer hanging out in the lawn chair reading a book. We save money here by packing a cooler with lunch, water bottles, and snacks. You can’t bring food into the pool but they let you come and go to your car as much as you want.

Last night Steven King was in town promoting his book and talking about writing and being Steven King. I had so much fun! He talked for an hour and a half and I was mesmerized. He’s a master story teller even when he’s just “shooting the breeze.” He was supposed to read an excerpt from his book but never got to it and I’m sure no one cared.

With the $40 to get in to see him you also get a copy of his book, “end of watch.”I can’t read it yet because it’s third in the series and I haven’t read the other two. Grrrr!

I’m learning about how to maintain a pool. It’s a huge pain in the a$$ but after you get into figuring out how to maintain the SOB and buy the effing chemicals it becomes a game to see if you can keep the chlorine, alkaline, and ph balanced.  If your pool is less than 10,000 gallons It takes a lot of reading and searching the Internet to figure out the chemical balance. No one wants to tell you how to maintain a kiddie pool (1600 gallons of water.)

I think I got it figured out. I tested the water this morning and my chlorine was a little high but not dangerous. I’m thinking with the sun beating on it, it’ll lower itself today.

The firethrower and the board breaker

So, we’re three weeks away from moving again. I paid the deposit on the house yesterday so we’re good to go July 1st. I can’t believe after all of the purging we did last year to move, I have to do it again! How do things multiply anyway? I got rid of the church pew, 2 wooden pallets, and a headboard and footboard using Craigslist. That was helpful. I still have the black loveseat to get rid of. I’m thinking that will have to be taken to the dump. The dogs have completely destroyed it burying their bones and toys in it.

Daniel and I went to Jazz for dinner last night. This comedian/fire juggler was downtown doing his act during the art festival. (I can’t believe this is the only picture I took)

This explains the fire I saw while meditating Thursday night. Thank God that’s all it was. I checked all over the house for fire hazards anway.


Savannah tested and earned her green belt today. Her form is getting so much better. Now that she’s green, she goes to practice twice a week instead of once.

This is her new uniform. We just got it today before class so there isn’t any insignia on it yet. 

And the traditional breaking of the board with a side kick this time. I put it on YouTube: Savannah green belt

While daughter number three was earning her green belt, daughter number one was kicking butt on her first triathlon. Yay!!!!