A leash is for a dog

It didn’t dawn on me that with sun comes sunburn. Even in April. When I washed my face last night before bed, it hurt! I’m a little burnt today. Our teacher was sick today and they didn’t get her a sub. We had two people from the district come help and the woman in charge of the paras helped as did the principal. So, amazingly we had a stellar day. We were down two kids (extra bonus)

The day was great….until I came home. Last night’s mistake of leaving the dog outside caught up to me. We accidently left her outside in the front and she got into the garbage. Daisy has never had anything other than dog food. So, her stomach wasn’t ready for the garbage can. (which she devoured). I thought she was fine when we left this morning or I would’ve had someone check on her. She pooped and threw up in her kennel. So, the kids and I had that to deal with when we came home. Daisy was good about relieving herself on one side of the kennel and laying on the other but I gave her a bath anyway.

I got all that taken care of and turned on the oven to start dinner. I didn’t check the oven because I know I just cleaned it two days ago. Someone who will be nameless because it’s not nice to bash your husband online, spilled grease all over the bottom of the oven and didn’t clean it up. As I’m changing clothes and cleaning up, the house is filling with smoke. I got that cleaned up but my potholder caught on fire as I was holding the rack up to scoop grease out of the oven.

The house smelled really bad but thankfully, it was a nice evening and I could open all the windows. I love a house with windows that open! And Savannah’s asthma attack from the smoke made her spend some time with her momma instead of sitting on her bed on her phone while I cook dinner.

Dinner turned out good and all the bad is over. Whew

The bills got paid one way or another!

How to tell if your husband is home paying bills….These messages gave me a chuckle at my poor hubby’s expense. Notice at the very bottom it says,”15 unread!”

The kids and I cleaned the basement this afternoon. It’s kind of hard to believe that we live in a house literaly half the size as we used to have. Yet, we still have a basement and a spare room of unused space. That unused space is always filled with broken crayons, scraps of paper, clothes no one wears, TV’s no one uses, DVD’s no one watches, games no one plays (I have a remedy for the games now), and furniture no one sits on. It’s kind of exasperating. Instead of a kitchen junk drawer, we always have a junk room or two. It’s cleaned out now. We hauled out two full garbage bags of crap to the garbage and a garbage bag full of stuff for Goodwill.  Then we smudged and Reiki(ed) the basement and now it feels much better.

School was more sucessful than Friday’s adventure. We got to go outside for a couple recesses. Just going outside makes the day good. I hate the rainy days or the days when they’re so naughty we can’t trust them to stay on the playground.


Clay Cow and the King of Horror


Savannah from three years ago at the Humane Society after a girl scouts activity. I’m not sure what the facial expression is all about but she’s always goofing around.

Chance got to bring Cow to school last week. He used him as a model for his sculpture in Art class. I love this. I can’t wait til it’s painted and fired. Chance loves his cows!

Isaiah and I went to Children’s on the way home from therapy. He has an ear infection but was given medicine and is on the mend.

I got a ticket to see Steven King while he’s in Omaha in June for his “End of Watch” book tour. I’m so excited! http://stephenking.com/promo/end-of-watch/book-tour/

I’m not excited about school tomorrow. I’m still pissed about Friday. I’ll meditate that away so I don’t go to work grouchy tomorrow.

Sweet Moon

So today is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. Nasa has an article: Shakespeare meets Science. I’ve spent way too much time on the NASA website today. I read about a coalition NASA has put together to search for life on other planets Click here and all about Kepler’s mission. Gosh, there’s so much about space we can’t even begin to start studying. It’s amazing.

I was searching for “Purple Rain” today but couldn’t find it free anywhere so I ended up finding  a chick-flick called “What If.” It has Daniel Radcliffe in it. It seemed kind of predictable at first but then it switched and ended up being a really good movie. You never know with Daniel Radcliffe. His stuff since Harry Potter is so weird. Like, “Horns” (I still don’t know if I like that movie or not)  and “The Woman In Black” was weird but scary and the ending was strange. He kinda lacks emotion but thats refreshing in a way too.

The other thing I read today was a talk by Elder Hales about how to seek to know God. I  love the simplicity but wisdom in his talk. He says,”The light of belief is within you, waiting to be awakened and intensified by the Spirit of God.” Beautiful.

Have you seen John Edmark art? It’s amazing .He does sculptures that you wont want to take your eyes off. Look at this one, for example. Crazy!!

On the homefront, Evelyn is grounded from technology (TV, computer, phone) for a week. I should ground all of the kids once in a while. She has been so creative and more fun to be around since she’s unplugged. She’s played games with her siblings, drawn, colored, and had conversations with us. We should all unplug for a week. Can you imagine?! Eeek…I can’t think of not being without my phone…

Daniel, Chance, Isaiah, and wait for it….Trevor are planning a father/son campout in May. Yes, Trevor is going too. Daniel invited him while Moe and I stood flabbergasted that Trevor was all over it. The scouting program through church does father/son campouts every year and this year, Chance is old enough to go. Trevor said the best part of his childhood was the father/son campouts. Who knew?

Savannah lost her phone on Wednesday inside the house and we still haven’t found it. She set it on the chair in her room before school and it disappeard. I thought for sure we would’ve found it by now. The stupid thing is on airplane mode so we can’t even call it. She’s positive it’s in the house but we’ve pretty much exhausted all the nooks and crannies.

Chance went to Aidan’s house today and sold lemonade at his stand in front of his house while Isaiah met a friend the park and played for a couple hours. They both mowed and picked up dog poop when they got home. Chance is getting to be really good with the weedwhacker.

And that’s it for me tonight. What do you think of the new blog? WordPress is quite different from blogger so it might look boring for a while until I figure it all out.