My new brown belt in her new brown belt uniform. She’s not too happy with this picture. She had been awake less than fifteen minutes. Her friend, Julia, is going to join her karate class. Julia is also a brown belt. Her class shut down. I’m not sure if it was funding or lack of students or what.

I did some doodling today. It’s been too long. I’m not very good anymore.

But the longer I sit at the table, the more stuff I find to do. Important stuff like watching Netflix and eating chocolate chips. I’ve watch three rather stupid movies. Well, parts of three movies.

Daniel’s client has been sick for five days. We thought it was the flu. He took him to the ER last night and, turns out, he has been bleeding internally. They’re not sure why. They’ll do an upper endoscopy and then a lower GI Monday. So, he’ll be in the hospital at least through Tuesday. He had a couple units of blood last night but I don’t have any more details on where the bleeding is or how serious it is.

The kids’s report cards are in. Savannah is our A and B student, Chance is holding on to his Bs and Cs, and Evelyn couldn’t care less about her grades. That girl!

Isaiah at the pond



The kids were home the whole time Brittany was here because of Martin Luther King Day and cold weather. I swear, these kids have it so much easier than when I was a kid. Too cold to go to school?! I read on the Internet last night that the coldest place in the world is 88° below zero. It’s so cold there that your eyelashes freeze. Those kids go to school

My Dave Ramsey podcast, website, and audiobook have already paid off. His first baby step is get an emergency fund together in case of an emergency. I wouldn’t call it a life altering emergency but yesterday when I was taking the kids to school, I hit a bump and something under my car broke. I was able to take my car to the shop and not stress out about the bill. That’s a first in my life!

I ended up needing two tires, brakes, a transmission flush, and oil leak fixed, and new swaybar bushings.(never heard of the sway bar bushing but mechanic showed me what broken ones look like) This morning, my car drives like a dream.

Savannah is training for her second karate tournament. It’s in a couple weeks and I can’t wait to watch! She’s a brown belt this time. So the competition is a little harder. Her seizures started up again a couple weeks ago. The neurologist started her on a pill that, so far, is working. Seizures don’t hurt anyone so I’m not real concerned.

Evelyn is doing karate too. She’s content not moving up in rank. I’m just happy she goes and gets exercise three times a week.

Brittany left yesterday. We had a nice visit. We went to the “At Home” store on Center and I found some sheets, a new comforter, and a blanket that’s too soft for words. (Daniel has always hated my Walmart sheets) Now I have trouble getting out of bed in the morning and midday naps are SO appealing! (As if they weren’t before)


Happy Martin Luther King Day! The kids are off school. I’ve never understood why they’d get that day off. They should be in school learning about MLK. It does work out for me this year because I scheduled family photos for today while Brittany is here

A sneak peak of us on the way to get pictures taken. I think we got some good ones. I’m excited to see the ones of Trevor and Moe.

Happy New Year

Good-bye 2017

It was a year filled with ups and downs. Mostly ups. It was a year we really saw Gods hands in our lives.  It looks like 2018 will be our family’s best year ever.

The biggest downer was Sandy’s cancer fight.  Her funeral was yesterday. It was nice. Sad but nice.


I’m glad the pain is done for her. We lose too many people to cancer. Sam Taylor passed away within days of Sandy.

Brittany will be here this morning. She was supposed to get in last night but her plane was grounded in Denver overnight. Right now, she’s sitting on the plane (it’s 8 am) waiting for them to load the bags (I guess 13 hours wasn’t enough time?)  I should’ve driven to Denver last night and picked her up. We’d be almost home by now. How irritating Is that?! Moe’s dad is in town too. Dinner is going to be big and loud and fun with a full house of family. I love our Sunday dinners anyway.

I’ve had an annoying cough and congestion since October. Vertigo set in a couple days ago so, I finally went to the doctor. I’m too busy for dizziness. The congestion and cough seem to be an indoor allergy. That makes complete sense since we moved in October when my symptoms started.  She put me on a steroid and a nasal spray and a medicine for dizziness. The doctor said I should be feeling better in a week. It’s been a long time since I felt normal!


The Playhouse where we saw A Christmas Carol. Everyone had a great time. Even Chance who looks like he’s not having fun.

we went to a Christmas performance at Isaiah’s school and we went to Spaghetti Works for lunch. It was the first time I’ve seen him sing. He did great.

With the exception of filling the house with smoke while I cooked dinner, Christmas was so nice. Trevor and Moe came over to open presents in the morning. Then we went to Village Inn for breakfast, came home and made prime rib for dinner. We finished the evening eating pie and playing an irreverent but funny card game. It was a really nice family day

Brittany spent Christmas in the mountain with her dog Tilly. She’s coming to Omaha in a couple weeks. Then will have Christmas with her too.

The kids are home for the next couple weeks and already they’re bugging me about going out and doing stuff. It’s 11°. I just want to stay inside and finish off the pie but I’m not; I’m getting the girls hair cut and taking the boys to a movie,

Fake fire but no snow anyway

I made do without a fireplace. No warmth but We do get crackling wood sounds out of it. It’s 50 degrees outside so we’re not needing a fireplace anyway.

I finished Christmas shopping and I’m glad I did because it looks like I’ll be spending the rest of the week at the hospital with J. I was really hoping to avoid being there for one month….

Isaiah had a birthday Monday. So he’s 12 too. Now all four of the kids can go to the temple. We are going to go next week. I’m so excited!

I got a grocery store Santa picture from Brittany. That’s her new boyfriend Jerek.

Not much else going on aside from hanging at the hospital and waiting for Christmas.