January 74th

Our time in Salt Lake City was fantastic. We stayed in Layton, Utah which is surrounded by massive beautiful mountains. Our house was fantastic, the weather was perfect,

Temple Square was amazing, and there is just no words to describe the Spirit from General Conference. The kids and I got to witness a Solemn Assembly . It was miraculous and amazing. There is just no words.

The beautiful spirit we felt in Salt Lake has stayed with us now that we’re home in Nebraska. Good thing too, because Omaha’s scenery and weather is just about polar opposite.

Its so ugly here with winter dragging on into April. Salt Lake City has flowers and green grass and we have hell. A cold wintery hell.

I brought a little style home from Utah. The BNB house we stayed in had these great Scrabble piece letters on their wall with their family’s names. I found a woman on Etsy that makes them. I ordered them and they arrived today. Daniel and I put them together on the wall. Coincidentally,  a couple prints of our family pictures came in the mail today as well. So I added our family to the wall with a framed copy of the Proclamation of the Family.

Last time I wrote, Evelyn was going to the dermatologist for her eczema and it’s finally cleared up. The doctor put her on a couple allergy pills and a cream and it worked! I hadn’t connected allergies to eczema. I guess it’s a pretty common cause.

Savannah got her brown belt a couple months ago and she’s testing for her red belt tomorrow. I was shocked that she was recommended to test again so soon but she’s stoked! We took her instructor’s wife dinner tonight. We thought he was in the hospital but found out tonight, it’s hospice. So, that’s a big sad thing. Savannah cried all the way home. He’s battling cancer for about the third time. Cancer sucks. Just sucks. It’s stolen so many people that I care about (and even a few I didn’t care so much for)

The twins are doing well. Mine hasn’t been in the hospital for the past 4 months (knock on wood)

Isaiah and Chance are doing well too. Growing like weeds. Chance is taller than me. He’s my mister fix-it around the house and all too into organizing and decorating. I’ll take it though!

OKay, a little heavy on the pictures here but I wanted to show Evelyn’s wall. She’s doing an art gallery on this wall to cover up the obnoxious paneling. On the other wall, we’re doing a Bohemian tapestry with twinkly lights. We separated the girl’s rooms by a sheer curtain of more twinkly lights. I’ll post a final picture when she’s done.

I’m reading two books right now, The Continuous Atonement, The Franklin Cover-up (child abuse, satanism, and murder in Nebraska),  and a 70 Day President Nelson challenge. Taking my mind off the stupid weather!

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