Good humans and good times

When I thought about working at Walmart, I thought I’d see a lot of crabby people and I thought I’d be frustrated most every day. But, I thought, it’s just for the summer so I can deal with it.

I did not expect to see so much kindness and best parts of people! The other day I had a man with (tattoo) sleeves on both arms and up his neck. A real rough guy. He was buying toys and candy and junk food. I teased him about being “Superdad.” He said he hasn’t been allowed to see his kids for 6 years. I asked about the toys and he said he was giving them to a friend of his at work who had kids and needed a pick-me-up. Talk about an awakening for me!

Another woman came in with a $50 Walmart gift card that her mom had given her. She added another $50 on it and said she was giving it to a friend who was going through tough times.

Both of those were in the same week and this happens all the time. Other people buy ridiculous things to make people smile. Like the day care worker who (with her own money) bought 10 fly swatters, smores kits, and 10 plungers to keep the kids busy during a rainy weekend.

There are good people literally everywhere. Good people who do good things and think no one is watching.

Speaking of good things…..I made these Hawaiian sliders last night. A customer told me about them and then I found the recipe on Pinterest  . I tweaked it a little and they’re delicious. It’s basically ham and provolone cheese sandwiches with a mustard/pineapple sauce over the top. (Google Hawaiian Sliders or click on my Pinterest link for the recipe)

I got Daniel tickets to Jim Gaffigan’s Noble Ape Tour for Father’s Day. He’s one of Daniel’s favorite comedians and I can’t wait til he finds out cuz he’s going to be so excited. He usually gets some lame tie or t-shirt. The show isn’t until the end of next month but he’s coming to Lincoln so we don’t have to go far. At least not as far as we’re going for Savannah to see Justin Bieber. We added a little show to our itinerary for August. The night we get to Denver, we’re going to a 311 concert in the park. It sounds like the Saturday night concerts here in town. You can bring in blankets, chairs, and coolers and sit and watch the concert. We’ll be tired from driving so, this will be a fun way to end the night. (if weather and traffic is going our way)

I don’t know what we’ll do the next day before Bieber. I think Brittany is going to meet us there so she might have a couple things she’ll want to do too. If all else fails, our hotel has a pool.

Okay, that’s it for now!