We worked out the kinks and now we are homemade ice cream makers in our house. It’s probably not a good thing since it’s so fatty and loaded with sugar but it sure tastes awesome. We’ve made vanilla, strawberry, root beer, and banana. Root beer is my favorite so far. 

Only four more days of school. I am really looking forward to the summer break. I took tomorrow off work because they’re doing an all day fishing trip.  I’m so out on an all day fishing trip with all the special needs kids in Millard. Noooo thank you. I don’t even like being outside in the humidity let alone having to handle live fish and pee in an outhouse.

We had a cook out this week for the seniors who will be leaving us this year. The weather was actually pretty nice but with the humidity, within an hour your clothes are sticking to you and your hair is all tangled and looking like crap.  I could quite happily spend my summer indoors. My plan to turn into a hermit cat lady is working out great.