Happy Sunday!

Savannah had a field trip last week. She went to Platte River State Park with the rest of the 5th graders. She caught this bass. Her teacher caught one that was almost as tall as Savannah. They took a picture and I’ll post it if I remember. I’m so bad about blogging lately.

I took a funny picture of Evelyn last week. This was at Scheels in the sporting goods department. We were waiting for our appointment at the Apple Store across the street. Evelyn had locked her phone so badly that we needed an expert to fix it. 

We are down the homeward stretch until summer break and I’m still dragging my feet getting anything planned for summer employment. 

The prom for our special needs kids was last night. I went for a little while and took Isaiah and Evelyn with me. Isaiah did some dancing. Click here.   The video is kinda dark but you can see Isaiah. That boy can crash a party