I have been fighting with a head cold all week. Every day I thought, as I was sitting on the couch in the morning, “I should’ve just call in sick..” but every day I just went ahead and went to work thinking I can just work a half a day. So I was pretty proud of myself when Friday came along and I had made it the whole week.
This morning I had a girls camp meeting at 8 AM but when my alarm went off, I said no no no no. This time I’m really not getting out of bed. So I didnt until 8:30 and then took the girls to karate. 
I thought I would just do a couple errands and then go back home and take a nap but I ended up doing errands until dinner time. While the girls were at karate, I ran over to Burlington and found some shorts and a couple shirts for Isaiah. I was looking for pants but he’s so tall and skinny that he’s between sizes. So I opted for shorts.

Once the girls got out of karate, we went to Gordman’s. Gordman’s is closing most of their stores. (All of the stores in our area anyway). So I had to go see how good the sales were. We were not disappointed!! I found clothes for everybody even Trevor. They are pretty tricky with the checkout lines which wrapped around the store. And you really don’t realize it until you have an arm full of stuff and you’re ready to check out. We stood in the checkout line for an hour.
So that killed a couple hours first thing this morning. Then it was time to pick up Evelyns Friend Jessica. I dropped Jessica and Evelyn off at the Oakview mall while Savannah and I went to buy a birthday present for her friend Hayden. 
Then I mailed Brittany and Carey’s Easter box and took Savannah to her birthday party. On the way home Evelyn called and said she was ready to be picked up from the mall. 
I had subway for breakfast and Freddys for lunch. Not the best dieting day. I stood on my feet all day but not really a lot of walking. I’m being easy on myself however. I don’t feel well but I still got a whole bunch of stuff done.
Tonight we are watching Ferris Bueller’s Day off as a family. I can’t believe that nobody in our family has seen it except me and Daniel. Tonight is also the first session of stake conference. So will go to that too.

I am looking forward to an uneventful Sunday!