I finished my blanket for Sandy and started on another one for Evelyn. Hers will be teal and white. I love the optical illusion of it being woven. I’m looking forward to spring break so I’ll have time to knit more. 

I’ve been pretty good about making it to the pool almost every day.  I rotate between running on the elliptical and swimming. The scale isn’t moving very fast but my clothes aren’t tight any more. So, that’s progress. I hurt my leg a couple weeks ago and the only time it doesn’t hurt is when I’m moving. The good side is I’m getting a bazillion steps in a day. 

Savannah and Evelyn are testing in karate next week. They’re testing for their red and orange belts respectively. 

Isaiah is doing well at his new school. It’s quite obvious his behavior for the day is intentional because he either has a 10% or a 90% on his point card. (You start out with 100 and lose points based on behavior throughout the day)

Chance discovered he likes sewing. He’s taking “Textiles” at school (Home Ec for us old people). I got an email from his teacher saying he’s rocking the sewing class. His first project is a pillow. I’ll post a picture when he finishes.

Trevor ended up in the emergency room this morning for the second time for the same thing. He has a hernia that needs to be repaired. This time, they referred him to a surgeon. So, it looks like he’ll spend his 25th birthday recovering.