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Have to pee and accidentally in Iowa

As always, when I do more talking than driving, I end up off course. I was on my way this morning to Lauren’s house to buy toothpaste and ended up across the bridge in Iowa. Lauren sells AP24 and although a little pricey for toothpaste, it’s the only thing that has fixed my red gums and whitened my teeth. So, I drive to her house by the zoo once a month. I’ve yet to drive directly to her house without getting either lost or being in Iowa.

Savannah and Evelyn’s karate master died a couple days ago.  He only spent a couple days in hospice. So, it was a little shocking for some that he went so quickly. I didn’t know it until today, but he’s been battling cancer on and off since he was 17. Talk about a warrior. From his successor:

He instilled in us all a strong sense of doing what is right, being a true Martial Artist, to “Block hard, punch harder”, and that we spend every day “Living the Martial Way”.


On a lighter note, the Young Women had a fun activity this week. We went to the Gene Leahy mall and played on the metal slide and then went to Ted and Wallys for icecream.

I finished getting pictures on the walls. We’ve only been in this house since September. It’s time. Right?

Moe and Trevor are going camping in Colorado next weekend. I doubt they will take any pictures so this one will do. I’ve started ordering our family pictures and getting them in frames. I’m not the quickest at that. It was even worse when people put them in photo albums.

So, no big weekend plans. We might go to the zoo if the weather holds out. It’s supposed to snow. So after the funeral, we may just hang out at home.

January 74th

Our time in Salt Lake City was fantastic. We stayed in Layton, Utah which is surrounded by massive beautiful mountains. Our house was fantastic, the weather was perfect,

Temple Square was amazing, and there is just no words to describe the Spirit from General Conference. The kids and I got to witness a Solemn Assembly . It was miraculous and amazing. There is just no words.

The beautiful spirit we felt in Salt Lake has stayed with us now that we’re home in Nebraska. Good thing too, because Omaha’s scenery and weather is just about polar opposite.

Its so ugly here with winter dragging on into April. Salt Lake City has flowers and green grass and we have hell. A cold wintery hell.

I brought a little style home from Utah. The BNB house we stayed in had these great Scrabble piece letters on their wall with their family’s names. I found a woman on Etsy that makes them. I ordered them and they arrived today. Daniel and I put them together on the wall. Coincidentally,  a couple prints of our family pictures came in the mail today as well. So I added our family to the wall with a framed copy of the Proclamation of the Family.

Last time I wrote, Evelyn was going to the dermatologist for her eczema and it’s finally cleared up. The doctor put her on a couple allergy pills and a cream and it worked! I hadn’t connected allergies to eczema. I guess it’s a pretty common cause.

Savannah got her brown belt a couple months ago and she’s testing for her red belt tomorrow. I was shocked that she was recommended to test again so soon but she’s stoked! We took her instructor’s wife dinner tonight. We thought he was in the hospital but found out tonight, it’s hospice. So, that’s a big sad thing. Savannah cried all the way home. He’s battling cancer for about the third time. Cancer sucks. Just sucks. It’s stolen so many people that I care about (and even a few I didn’t care so much for)

The twins are doing well. Mine hasn’t been in the hospital for the past 4 months (knock on wood)

Isaiah and Chance are doing well too. Growing like weeds. Chance is taller than me. He’s my mister fix-it around the house and all too into organizing and decorating. I’ll take it though!

OKay, a little heavy on the pictures here but I wanted to show Evelyn’s wall. She’s doing an art gallery on this wall to cover up the obnoxious paneling. On the other wall, we’re doing a Bohemian tapestry with twinkly lights. We separated the girl’s rooms by a sheer curtain of more twinkly lights. I’ll post a final picture when she’s done.

I’m reading two books right now, The Continuous Atonement, The Franklin Cover-up (child abuse, satanism, and murder in Nebraska),  and a 70 Day President Nelson challenge. Taking my mind off the stupid weather!


I plan to write often and then I don’t. It used to be so easy to get on the computer. Funny how things change like that. I guess I’m spending more time drawing than writing.

It seems like this winter is never going to end and yet, the kids will be out of school again in three months. I can’t believe how drastically life has changed from last summer. We have a lot of travel scheduled this summer. Something we would never have been able to do last year. Our biggest is to celebrate our 22nd anniversary by going to Jamaica. Brittany is coming out to stay with the kids for a week while Daniel and I go to an all-inclusive resort in Montego Bay.

We’re going to Salt Lake City at the end of the month for General Conference. I’m really looking forward to it. If you’re a church member, especially one in the United States,  you’ve been to conference live at least once and probably many times. I’ve never been to one and have only been to Salt Lake City once. We did the temple square tour but I don’t remember going into the conference center…. Anyway, we’re going this time! We rented a house off of Air BNB. It’s cheaper than a hotel and much more comfortable with all eight of us. (Brittany and Jerek are going to meet us there for the weekend.)

Today was a quiet Sunday. We went to church and then had a day of relaxing without the phones and TV and computers. Just quiet!

Tomorrow, Evelyn has a dermatologist appointment because her eczema has flared up again and people are teasing her about it. Ugh….middle schoolers…

Titanic and green juice

Isaiah has been wanting to go to the Titanic Museum for about 2 years now.  This weekend he finally got to go. They stopped at Lamberts Restaurant for barbecue and famous thrown rolls. Literally. They throw the rolls at you from across the room. It’s a guy thing, I guess.

Here he is in front of the museum. There is no photography inside but their website has more info. Click here. Isaiah called me almost hyperventilating he was so excited. He was screaming, “Our hotel is right across the street! It’s right there! The titanic museum is right there!” Isaiah gets excited easily but I’ve never heard him quite so over-the-top ecstatic.

So that took most of the morning. He spent the rest of the day swimming at the hotel and going to a show. I don’t have details on what show they’re seeing yet.

On the homefront, I have these two hanging out having a typical Saturday. They did a lot of sitting around playing games on their phones and then I took them to Trevor’s house to visit the dogs. Chance had a detour on the way home. He met a couple friends at the mall. Savannah has been sick with flu-like symptoms for a couple days. So, she’s spending her five days off school on the couch and in her bed surrounded by water and tissues.

Another person I know has been diagnosed with cancer. This is the 8th person I know personally who has cancer. It’s starting to be a theme in my life right now. Barb is getting treatment in a facility in Arizona. The facility sounds amazing. They’re niche’ is attack the cancer from a holistic standpoint. I tried one of the juices on their website. I’m not a vegetable juice person. AT ALL and this juice was plain nasty. Can’t do it.

The dark green color should have warned me but it didn’t. Yuck. I am not a quitter though! I googled “juicing for beginners” and found some juices that have more fruit than vegetables in them. I also found a juicer at Goodwill yesterday. So for $10 including supplies, I made the “Kale Kickstart” from HERE with oranges, strawberries, kale, carrots, and bananas. Frankly, juicing a banana is just silly. So, my second batch with the banana added afterwards was much better. I’m not sold on the whole juicing idea but I’ll make a few more recipes before I give it up.




My new brown belt in her new brown belt uniform. She’s not too happy with this picture. She had been awake less than fifteen minutes. Her friend, Julia, is going to join her karate class. Julia is also a brown belt. Her class shut down. I’m not sure if it was funding or lack of students or what.

I did some doodling today. It’s been too long. I’m not very good anymore.

But the longer I sit at the table, the more stuff I find to do. Important stuff like watching Netflix and eating chocolate chips. I’ve watch three rather stupid movies. Well, parts of three movies.

Daniel’s client has been sick for five days. We thought it was the flu. He took him to the ER last night and, turns out, he has been bleeding internally. They’re not sure why. They’ll do an upper endoscopy and then a lower GI Monday. So, he’ll be in the hospital at least through Tuesday. He had a couple units of blood last night but I don’t have any more details on where the bleeding is or how serious it is.

The kids’s report cards are in. Savannah is our A and B student, Chance is holding on to his Bs and Cs, and Evelyn couldn’t care less about her grades. That girl!

Isaiah at the pond


The kids were home the whole time Brittany was here because of Martin Luther King Day and cold weather. I swear, these kids have it so much easier than when I was a kid. Too cold to go to school?! I read on the Internet last night that the coldest place in the world is 88° below zero. It’s so cold there that your eyelashes freeze. Those kids go to school

My Dave Ramsey podcast, website, and audiobook have already paid off. His first baby step is get an emergency fund together in case of an emergency. I wouldn’t call it a life altering emergency but yesterday when I was taking the kids to school, I hit a bump and something under my car broke. I was able to take my car to the shop and not stress out about the bill. That’s a first in my life!

I ended up needing two tires, brakes, a transmission flush, and oil leak fixed, and new swaybar bushings.(never heard of the sway bar bushing but mechanic showed me what broken ones look like) This morning, my car drives like a dream.

Savannah is training for her second karate tournament. It’s in a couple weeks and I can’t wait to watch! She’s a brown belt this time. So the competition is a little harder. Her seizures started up again a couple weeks ago. The neurologist started her on a pill that, so far, is working. Seizures don’t hurt anyone so I’m not real concerned.

Evelyn is doing karate too. She’s content not moving up in rank. I’m just happy she goes and gets exercise three times a week.

Brittany left yesterday. We had a nice visit. We went to the “At Home” store on Center and I found some sheets, a new comforter, and a blanket that’s too soft for words. (Daniel has always hated my Walmart sheets) Now I have trouble getting out of bed in the morning and midday naps are SO appealing! (As if they weren’t before)