Nothing going on. What???!!!

Today was the first full day of school for the kids. I like that Evelyn and Savannah are close enough to the house to walk home together. Isaiah is bored out of his mind waiting until his first day of school, which is Thursday. I had an hour at Defy Gravity (an indoor trampoline park) that we paid for but didn’t use. So, I dropped him off there to jump while I picked up the twins.

I spent the morning a lot slower than during the summer. Definitely not hitting the ground running at 6 am any more. I enjoyed a leisurely morning after the kids went to school. I did some cleaning, watched TV, and even did a little watercolor (which I’m not going to show you because I kind of am not good at it anymore!)

I’m kind of contemplating going back to Walmart for a little bit of the day just for something to do other than clean the house. Not contemplating too hard though… Maybe I’ll just take break from the craziness and enjoy The peace and quiet at home for now.


Sunday and Day 1

We weren’t able to take the sacrament yesterday but we were able to go see the Denver temple before we headed home 

I can’t even adequately describe how beautiful the outside of this temple is. Breathtaking!

The drive home was good. We got home about 7 o’clock

This morning was back to school for the kids. I didn’t do the take a picture of the kids in front of the school thing today. I’m kind of over it.

I’m telling ya, it was super weird getting up this morning and not having a job to go to. No Walmart. No high school. Just weird. I pick up the twins at four from the day program and keep them until bedtime. Then we move them in on Thursday and get used to a different routine.

Evelyn and Chance went from 7:45 AM till 10:15. Savannah went from 11:15 to 3 since she’s a six grader. I like how the six graders go to school by themselves on the first day. Then everybody in the school is a newbie. Now if she can just make it all day without an anxiety attack, that will be good.  So that’s what we’ve have figured out her problem is. Anxiety attacks. They come and go in less than a minute. 

Saturday night 

After a quick nap at the hotel, we hit the mall for some shopping.

And walking around until about 9 then caught the shuttle back to the hotel to watch tv and hang out for the rest of the night. 

Brittany waiting for the shuttle 

I love painted doorways.

Last vaca of the summer 

Here’s a sleepy picture of the girls and I headed to Denver for our girls weekend before school starts.

It was an easy seven hour drive to our hotel where we met Brittany and then did a quick run downtown for street dogs and shopping. Then to the Levitt Pavilion for the 311 concert

311 sounded terrible but the opening and was good. I can’t get over the cool weather. No humidity was heaven

Some street art

The most beautiful alley ever

I posted most of these pictures on Facebook but here they are again for Mick and Sandy

More pictures coming tomorrow

Ape tour and Denver

Daniel and I went to Lincoln to see Jim Gaffigan. We had a great time

It was an outdoor concert. We didn’t realize that when we bought the tickets. I probably wouldn’t have gone if I’d known that because Nebraska weather can be so hot in the summer. We got lucky with a nice cool night however.

So Daniel and I had our last days and Walmart and Tyson. It’s pretty scary being technically unemployed! We’ve both been spending time at the group home watching the twins’s routine and getting to know them. Last night one of them totally came around. I was sitting on the couch next to him while he was taking his breathing treatment. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me to his face and gave me a snuggle. I’d call that a success! Luckily, I don’t have a tender head. Pull away buddy!

Our move in date for the twins is August 15th! So close! We’re moving them into the house we’re living now and then moving into a bigger place September 1. Then, maybe things will calm the heck down!

Daniel and I are getting our med licenses today and renewing CPR/First aid, abuse and neglect, and all the rest of the training next week. So we’re going to be good to go when the 15th comes. 

Evelyn and so went out to breakfast yesterday to celebrate her birthday. I told her the Queen concert was her present but we did a little bit of celebrating yesterday anyway. She spent the rest of her day at the mall with her friend and then saw Dark Tower at the theater across from the mall. 

These kids have been so tolerant this summer with me working full time and now this drama getting the twins. I can’t wait to spoil them a little in September when life gets back to normal.

Savannah and I are still going to Denver next weekend. Justin effing Bieber cancelled the rest of his tour so we won’t be going to his concert. Savannah was heartbroken. We decided …screw him! we’re going to Denver anyway. The best part is the Brittany will meet us there. We’ll spend the weekend at the music festival and street fair. It’ll still be fun. Evelyn is going with us too. So, it’s gonna be an awesome girls only  weekend!

Winds of change 

Oh boy. So much to write about. Huge changes for our family. I don’t know why it always surprises me how involved God is in our every day lives. Someday that will sink in. It still amazes me. 

These last two years have been full of change and humbling’s and learning experiences. When I was taking care of Ryan and making such good money, I never really appreciated it. We were so foolish with finances. We lived above our means and still barely made it paycheck to paycheck. I looked back at the waste and think,”wow…I was so stupid.” No food storage. No savings. No nest egg for the storms that were coming. The church is really good at teaching to be self reliant and save for the rainy days that we all get. I wish now I would’ve listened. 

When I lost my job with Ryan and our income went into the toilet, our only recourse was to move to a part of town that we can actually afford. Remember that hovel we lived in? Ugh. Terrible place but we learned so much about living in our means and budgeting and being appreciative. I can’t tell you how many times Daniel and my prayers were full of kicking ourselves for not taking care of what we had stewardship over.

I’m so grateful for that year at 53rd and Ames despite the house that was falling apart and the neighbors!  We’ve been so blessed to be able to see the then and now. 

This past year back in Millard has been awesome! Back to where people take care of their yards and their children and you don’t hear gunshots at night and neighbors aren’t yelling profanities at each other. Cops parked in front of your house is not a normal thing anymore. Life is very good. Daniel has a job and I love cashiering at Walmart. I love the people I work with. I love my customers. I get awards at work for being friendly. Haha! 

Now that we’ve been back in Millard for a year, again my thoughts and prayers are turned to how do I become self-reliant and not living paycheck to paycheck? How do I save for a rainy day? How do we pay our bills current every month and not just the past due?

The one thing that we’ve done faithfully these past two years is pay our tithing. We are promised in Malachi, “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.”

I really believe that by being obedient to that commandment, we’ve been blessed. My car has had a broken axle for about six months. There’s no reason it shouldn’t have completely snapped by now making my car undrivable. it’s little things like that. I haven’t had to spend money just to get to work!

There’s been some bad stuff happen lately that could have really been devastating to our family had we not been striving to be close to the Savior. I know He is watching out for me and strengthening me before I even know that’s what I’m needing. I know that’s cryptic but not every story is mine to tell. You know?

So a couple weeks ago I get a job opportunity from a company I worked for about 17 years ago. My knee-jerk reaction was a hell no. I left there for very good reasons. The owner of this company has done some restructuring. I can’t believe it but it’s a perfect fit now. It’s demanding work but we have the skills and experience to do it and do it well.

The downside… This job requires Daniel and I to quit our jobs and move to a larger house right away. The Company and also the state of Nebraska have to approve the house but don’t half to help us get into it. Bottom line….If we don’t have the house, we don’t have the job.

So the last couple weeks we have been high stress trying to figure out how to pull it all together. The benefits to taking this job are incredible. The pay is incredible. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be financially secure if we do it right. Nobody gets second chances like this. 

It’s all worked out now and we are going to be able to move pretty quickly. It’s amazing but we are staying in the same school district and the same ward boundaries(church congregation). That alone is a miracle because the house we need has specific requirements. We’ve looked at houses from Bellevue to Elkorn and ended up finding something two miles away!

I have an appointment with a financial advisor and the first thing we’re doing (even before our first paycheck) is getting a plan to be debt free, have a savings, and buy a house within a year. Live and LEARN and recognize blessings as they come. Right?


We’ve been making the best of the grill! Daniel made fajitas last night and all I can say is I’m glad to be going back to work Monday so I don’t sit around and eat leftovers all day 

Evelyn and Daniel had a blast at the Queen concert

I love that her first concert was Queen. She said Adam Lambert missed a few words of “Bohemian Rapsody” and didn’t sing “Bicycle” right so she sang the correct words loudly.

I took Savannah to the ER yesterday and got an EKG. Her heart looks great. The ER doc was leary of doing a CT scan on someone so young without migraines and more reason. He’s thinking her issue might be panic attacks. I called her pediatrician and left a message to get his opinion. Worth a look at.