Christmas countdown

We’ve been busy with lots of Christmas activities this month. I’m kind of sad to see it ending soon. It’s been the best month ever.

We’ve been to the Mormon Trail Center to see the annual gingerbread display. We still have to make it to Kanesville to see the display there.

Baked cookies for friends and neighbors

Had a 12 year old birthday yesterday and one coming tomorrow.

Did a karate test which included some sparring and board breaking.

We have a brown belt in the house now!



We have our Christmas lights and tree up. Chance has been decorating since Thanksgiving. So, it’s looking pretty festive around here. Although the sky is white and it’s cold, it doesn’t feel like Christmas without snow. Maybe it’ll feel more holiday-ish as the month progresses.

I got tickets to “A Christmas Carole” for December 21st at the playhouse. I’m super excited. We’ve never gone as a family. In fact, aside from The Rose Theater (children’s theater), Savannah is the only one of the kids who have seen a play.  Her and I went to Dracula last year and Georgia takes her all the time. I think the kids are going to love “A Christmas Carole.”

My dryer broke last week. We’ve been washing a couple loads a day and then taking them to the laundry mat to dry. Luckily, the laundry mat is 2 blocks away. So, it’s convenient. The Sears guy came and for a tidy sum, fixed the dryer. So, get this…I had to pay $53 for him to clean out the machine because that part wasn’t covered under the warranty. He said that’s “household maintenance.” So, I asked him to show me how to clean it out because all I can see, is a lint trap and I clean that every time I use it. He says, basically, unless you want to completely dismantle it, you can’t clean it out. And even if you did dismantle it, that would invalidate the warranty. Yeah…that sounds fair…..

So don’t buy a front load whirlpool washer because you can’t clean them out and if you do buy one, pay the $53 every 5 years for cleaning or it’ll start on fire.

Okay, happy news:

Brittany bought a plane ticket home! She’ll be here January 13th (with or without her new boyfriend). She says without but I know her. She’ll be head-over-heels by then and she’ll bring him.

(Isaiah helping dad with yard work)

I’m behind on Christmas shopping. There’s too many needy people around me this year. I’m putting more effort into strangers than my family.  I’m kind of okay with that though. We have been blessed beyond what we could imagine in the last couple months. So we need to be giving more than getting this year. The kids are still getting presents but they’re more thought out than just getting something under the tree. You know?

Chance outside the Apple store

When Daniel goes to Sams….yes, that is a 7 pound can of chocolate pudding


I decorated my young man’s hospital room with some Christmas decorations and then the doctor came in and told us we could go home. So we got to have Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Trevor and Moe humored us and came although they had her family at their house waiting for them. So, they got two thanksgiving dinners.

Trevor after dinner number 1. He’s probably a hurting unit by now. If he was able to eat again. That’s my hideous couch in the background. It’s gross. The fake leather is flaking off and gets on you when you sit on it. But, we needed something resembling a couch when we moved in. We’ll buy something better after January.

Chance decorated a little bit. I like his style. This is from his stash under his bed.

Brittany went to her friend Victoria’s house for dinner. She sent me her Thanksgiving selfie picture. My beautiful girl.

The kids are off again tomorrow but the twins go to their day program. So, I think the kids and I are going to go to a movie or something. Maybe we’ll just hang out and watch movies. I got internet finally so we can watch netflix or hulu.

Wishing everyone a super happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday and Wednesday

We finally got Savannah a big girl bed. She’s had a twin bed since the crib and she’s literally outgrowing it so it’s time. I got one of those mattress-in-a-box mattresses that you can buy online and a platform instead of box spring and rails. I tell ya, if you can’t get it at Amazon, you don’t need it. It gets delivered in a big box that you cut apart and it literally unrolls and poofs up. In 24 hours, it’s a regular queen size mattress.

My young man was a nightmare yesterday at the hospital. When he starts feeling good, he doesn’t want to be there. And then he bites and scratches and pulls hair, pulls his oxygen off and flings it across the room. He just behaves like a spoiled two year old in the hospital. I gotta give him a break though; it must be hard being non-verbal and not being able to tell people how you feel or what you want. His nurses are stellar but I can’t have him abusing them. So I stay there during the day to buffer them from his naughtiness.

Today was a bit better. They’ve moved him from acute care to a regular room. So hopefully one more day and he’ll be able to go home.

I took some “me” time this morning and got my nails done. It’s the time of year where you can find great deals for shellac nails on Groupon. I got one and called to make an appointment and the manicurist ended up being Julie’s mom. Julie is Moe’s best friend. She talked the whole hour about her crazy life. (And any mom of Julie has to have a crazy life. You would have to know her to understand)

Anyway, I like her a lot. Usually I go to the Korean girls and you never know what they’re saying about you to each other because they’re really good about talking amongst themselves in Korean. Plus, they file the crap out of your nails. Anita (Julie’s mom) barely filed them at all and they look great.

See? I don’t have long enough nails to be filing them much.

Last weekend we went to Sioux Falls to see Sandy. She was in the hospital up there. One of my clients nurses just came from working at Sandy’s hospital and said it’s a top-notch facility (aside from that ridiculous parking garage) I got the impression that she was saying it’s better than the one I’m spending so much time in. ( not exactly what I wanted to hear but happy for Sandy!)


How about a picture of Brittany on a ledge. She took a small vacation to the grand canyon. I love this picture. Isn’t it majestic?

Britt has had a difficult summer. Her and Carey got a divorce. She’s a lot healthier than she was after she left Scott. Probably because she has a better support system and roots in Pocatello now. She’s dating some fine looking men, I’ll tell ya’ that much!

As far as my neck of the woods, our summer ended and life got super hard. It’s okay now because things always work out in the end. It’s better than okay. We didn’t even get the twins moved in until the middle of October. The nurse from hell sabotaged the move in an attempt to hurt the company we work for. We got caught in the cross fire and ended up defending ourselves to Adult Protective Services on ridiculous charges. I learned about faith and patience from August to October. Not that I have either mastered yet.

It feels like we had a year of torment smashed into a couple months. But, it’s over now and we’re rocking the home health thing now.

Normally, I get up at 5. Daniel gets up at 6 and we get the twins medicated, fed, and dressed. Our kids have been rockstars this school year getting themselves ready for school. They’re pretty much self-sufficient. Daniel takes the twins to their day program and I take our kids to school. Then we have from 9-3 off. We basically spend the day cleaning house (together! I still can’t believe Daniel helps) , taking the twins to doctor appointments, grocery shopping, napping, and mundane stuff like that.

The twins have meshed right into our family and everything is running smoothly for the most part. My client spends too much time in the hospital. Hes in right now for his third stay this month. I can’t go into much detail but he has lung and bowel issues that I’m having trouble resolving. We have a great hospital and tons of specialists in Omaha. So, I’ll get it figured out sooner or later.

We still haven’t gotten a full paycheck yet. That comes in December. I met with the financial advisor who got me on a good plan. Although, our first check was pretty small, we managed to put $800 in a savings account at a bank (inconveniently on purpose) across town. The first task the advisor gave me was to figure out living expenses for a month and times that by 9. That’s how much we need to have in an emergency fund for a loss of employment or whatever. The budget was harder that I expected it to be. I still can’t believe how much we spend on eating out. That’s a hard one to knock off. We’re always out doing stuff and it’s so easy to drive by McDonalds or take the family out to dinner. A family our size is an easy $100 for dinner. Ouch. That’s $100 that could be put towards savings for a kick-ass house.

We moved to a different house last month.  I loved our house on Gertrude but part of the agreement to get the boys was get a different place to live. We found a 6 bedroom rental in an semi-decent neighborhood. I don’t really like it but for right now, it’ll work.  It’s the same ward at church and the same schools. So we didn’t have to disrupt our lives too much.

That’s about it for me tonight. I have to get back up to the hospital.

Nothing going on. What???!!!

Today was the first full day of school for the kids. I like that Evelyn and Savannah are close enough to the house to walk home together. Isaiah is bored out of his mind waiting until his first day of school, which is Thursday. I had an hour at Defy Gravity (an indoor trampoline park) that we paid for but didn’t use. So, I dropped him off there to jump while I picked up the twins.

I spent the morning a lot slower than during the summer. Definitely not hitting the ground running at 6 am any more. I enjoyed a leisurely morning after the kids went to school. I did some cleaning, watched TV, and even did a little watercolor (which I’m not going to show you because I kind of am not good at it anymore!)

I’m kind of contemplating going back to Walmart for a little bit of the day just for something to do other than clean the house. Not contemplating too hard though… Maybe I’ll just take break from the craziness and enjoy The peace and quiet at home for now.

Sunday and Day 1

We weren’t able to take the sacrament yesterday but we were able to go see the Denver temple before we headed home 

I can’t even adequately describe how beautiful the outside of this temple is. Breathtaking!

The drive home was good. We got home about 7 o’clock

This morning was back to school for the kids. I didn’t do the take a picture of the kids in front of the school thing today. I’m kind of over it.

I’m telling ya, it was super weird getting up this morning and not having a job to go to. No Walmart. No high school. Just weird. I pick up the twins at four from the day program and keep them until bedtime. Then we move them in on Thursday and get used to a different routine.

Evelyn and Chance went from 7:45 AM till 10:15. Savannah went from 11:15 to 3 since she’s a six grader. I like how the six graders go to school by themselves on the first day. Then everybody in the school is a newbie. Now if she can just make it all day without an anxiety attack, that will be good.  So that’s what we’ve have figured out her problem is. Anxiety attacks. They come and go in less than a minute.